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Alvorada da Floresta and SOS Quinta dos Ingleses talk with Alves Ribeiro for the first time

Last Monday, Alvorada da Floresta and SOS Quinta dos Ingleses opened a conversation with Alves Ribeiro, the construction company and promoter (along with St. Julian's Association) of Quinta dos Ingleses's urbanization project.

Our proposal was to abandon the project and transition construction to another location, allowing the interests of all parties to be reconciled. Alves Ribeiro replied that the company was unwilling to abandon the project, but suggested a collaboration to improve it within the PPERUCS framework.

This is not the proposal that moves us, as we have been saying over the years.

SOS Quinta dos Ingleses will continue to fight for a solution that preserves Quinta dos Ingleses and that respects current climate knowledge and constraints. That is a solution for the future. Implementing an outdated project, based on waterproofing the land and unbridled construction will only transform Carcavelos into a suburb in the style of a 21st-century Benidorm.


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