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AWARD! Prémios Verdes: SOS Quinta dos Ingleses wins Honorable Mention

On the 5th of June 2022, World Environment Day, SOS Quinta dos Ingleses received an Honorable Mention, in the Action category, in the Green Awards of Visão Magazine and Águas de Portugal!

It is a great honour and encouragement for all the volunteers of our Association to receive this award. We have over the years won public recognition, and the population of Carcavelos has been contributing significantly to the promotion of this cause.

On behalf of all volunteers, we thank you for your invaluable support, without which our work would not be possible. We would also like to thank Revista Visão, Águas de Portugal and the President of the Republic for this event, which we hope will inspire Portuguese society to make its contribution to the quest for a more sustainable living.

To all of you, our THANK YOU!

Together we can save Quinta dos Ingleses


Watch our representative Manuel Valadas Preto's acceptance speech below:

Watch the video of the ceremony here


Our Association featured at Revista Visão

The well-known Portuguese magazine published an article about the Prémios Verdes award winners. Read the article below:



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