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First Miyawaki forest at Quinta de São Gonçalo

Just as we believe that centuries-old urban forests, such as the 52-hectare Quinta dos Ingleses, should be preserved at all costs, we also advocate the creation of new green areas, such as mini-forests, projects involving intense planting in small areas, which have been growing in our country.

That's why SOS was present at planting the 1st Miyawaki Forest at Quinta de São Gonçalo, with 200 m2, showing support for Forest Impact in its partnership with Cascais Ambiente.

We hope that the new forest that has sprung up today in Carcavelos will be a magnificent addition to the urban park and that we will soon also be able to reforest Quinta dos Ingleses, along with other interventions that will make the Quinta a park full of nature, clean and safe.


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