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Records on Quinta dos Ingleses' footbridge with illustrator João Catarino

Quinta dos Ingleses is completely fenced off and inaccessible to Carcavelos citizens.

But the fences do not prevent us from paying homage to and recognising the value that this natural space has for the local community.

Last Sunday, 26 May, we gathered on the walkway for an illustration session led by illustrator João Catarino, who has accompanied us on other artistic adventures. The colours of spring with the trees seen in the distance, already in transit to summer, a blue sky, almost cloudless, a gentle breeze and a good mood served as inspiration for these creatives.

Thank you to all the illustrators who have perpetuated yet another reading of Quinta dos Ingleses' marvellous nature, even from a distance.

Yes, Quinta dos Ingleses is closed, but the injunction is well underway and will soon be debated in the Portuguese Parliament. There's still time! There is still hope! Please keep up your support because, collectively, we are stronger!


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