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Act now!

Get on board by spreading the word regarding the Quinta dos Ingleses, by volunteering, by becoming a member or by making a donation that will allow the Associação SOS Quinta dos Ingleses to pay for the everyday operation and the judicial cases we are handling. Anyway, independently of the support you want and can give, we count on you and ask you that – now more than ever – please get engaged in this fight, without which the Quinta dos Ingleses, and with it, our future and that of the next generations of inhabitants of Carcavelos, will be lost.

Become a member

Fill in the membership form and become an active part of our association!

Become a volunteer

Get in touch with us and let us know how we can count on you for our next initiatives.

Make a donation

Any help is welcome to cover legal, membership and material costs.

Because "sharing is caring"

Let's make some noise by sharing the videos and images below on social media. Remember to use our hashtags #nãoaobetão, #verdesimbetãonão, #vamossalvaraquintadosingleses

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Messages by the window

If you haven't designed your poster yet, here are a few of our own. Download, print and hang them on a visible spot. Isn't it special the feeling of union and strength these graphic messages share? :)

Organise a historical visit at
Quinta dos Ingleses!

Invite your family and friends for a guided tour at Quinta dos Ingleses. Enjoy a pleasant day walking or cycling around the woods (remember to include a picnic!) and share the story behind this endangered historical landmark. 


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