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Kika helps save Quinta dos Ingleses

Children's Book

Author Filipa Leandro has written an exciting story set in Quinta dos Ingleses!

"Kika Helps Save Quinta dos Ingleses" is available to download for free on our website, but you can also buy the printed edition, with 20 pages and a soft cover, for €7 (order by email to

With these pages, the author aims to instil environmental awareness in youngsters: "All our daily actions count for better or worse for our common home. We're all important, we're all key players! Get involved and contribute to a better world!"

Synopsis: Kika is a young surfer who has abilities she never knew she had. One day, while at sea, she has a strange dream... or is it reality? Quinta dos Ingleses is in danger, and the forest animals are asking for her help. Will they succeed together?

Text: Filipa Leandro
Frame illustrations: João Catarino
Natural elements illustrations: Ana Cristina Marques
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