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The association

As citizens worried, engaged, volunteer, united in a civic movement, we are able to inform and involve the population of Cascais and outsiders and that’s precisely why after the near 9000 OPPOSING participations in the last Public Consultation regarding the Quinta dos Ingleses parcelling process, we have decided to push for the creation of the Associação SOS Quinta dos Ingleses on the 24th of June 2021

Actively participating in this campaign we are about 20 persons from professional backgrounds as diverse as professors, designers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, tourist guides…in common we only have our love for Cascais, its nature and unique heritage, that we don’t want to see in jeopardy.

The member of the governing bodies are:

Ana Cristina Marques


Pedro Jordão


Manuel Valadas Preto


Fiscal Council
Sofia Duarte


Carlos Vale


Rita Duarte


Verónica Santos


Anabela Fernandes


Joana Urban Vitorino


Consult the statutes of Associação SOS Quinta dos Ingleses

Thank you to

Carlos André VianaBernardo d'Alte and António Segard, our essential collaborators who create audiovisual content for the preservation of Quinta dos Ingleses

SOS escrito na areia.jpeg

Join us!

Become an active part of our association,

because together we are stronger!

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