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Bloco de Esquerda presents a proposal in Parliament to save Quinta dos Ingleses

The issue of Quinta dos Ingleses is becoming increasingly critical at a national level, given the devastating effects its destruction will have on the current climate emergency.

On the 17th April, Bloco de Esquerda announced that has just presented a proposal in the Portuguese Parliament to save Quinta dos Ingleses.

We hope that all parties will support this initiative and/or present proposals to guarantee the safeguarding of Quinta dos Ingleses as a protected area, which aligns with their stance when the 2021 Resolution was approved.

SOS Quinta dos Ingleses thanks Bloco de Esquerda for its defence of this area.

SOS Quinta dos Ingleses will continue to work with all parties to make this a reality as soon as possible.

SOS Quinta dos Ingleses will also request an urgent hearing with the new Minister for the Environment, which it hasn't yet done because the government's official website still doesn't have her contact details.

Quinta dos Ingleses is everyone's cause, and everyone must protect it!


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