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Families live in tents and huts in Quinta dos Ingleses due to the housing crisis

The news on SIC about the growing number of people looking for an alternative place to live in Quinta dos Ingleses shows that Cascais City Council (and in this case, Alves Ribeiro) has only been concerned with building for the rich and has not taken care of the essential issue of preserving green spaces, housing or safety (which is getting worse and worse, as is evident from the news that has come out).

A natural urban park in Quinta dos Ingleses, as we so strongly advocate, won't help solve the housing issue (nor could it, as it's on the coastline), but it will ensure the well-being of the population, both through contact with nature and by mitigating extreme weather events.

The PPERUCS doesn't address these problems; it makes them worse. By focusing on "Cascais for the rich" and eliminating green spaces for the rest of the population, these kinds of problems will only increase. Housing is needed for all people, not just a few!


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