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NOTICE on the challenge to the Hilton site project

On 17 January 2024, a report about the Hilton site in Parede was released on RTP 1 channel, which was followed by various reports in the press and online media.

Why is it important for the SOS Quinta dos Ingleses Association to challenge the Hilton project?

The development planned for Quinta dos Ingleses, the construction of the Hilton next to the José de Almeida Hospital and the hotel project opposite Bairro da Torre all violate the Coastal Zone Plan (POC-ACE), which has been in force since April 2019. In fact, the POC-ACE prohibits any new constructions up to 500 meters from the coastline. It only allows, with restrictions, reconstruction up to 1000 meters from the same line. The existing territorial management regime aims to "promote the integrated valorization of coastal resources and manage urban-tourist pressure on the coastline/coastal area" and "ensure that the coastline is prepared for climate change and its safe fruition, preserving its natural landscape and cultural heritage, the good condition of the bodies of water, promoting development opportunities based on the differentiation and valorization of territorial resources".

As all three projects are located along the Carcavelos coastline, defending one of the projects also implies defending the other projects. Parallel to this action against the Hilton, there is a lawsuit related to the development project at Quinta dos Ingleses and a third action in connection with the piece of land in front of Bairro da Torre.

As an environmental association, the main objective of SOS Quinta dos Ingleses is to preserve the entire green area of the Quinta. Our aim is to turn that green area into a safe and clean urban park, protecting the whole coastal area, including the Carcavelos beach, at the same time.


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