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Petition received in Parliament by its vice-president Marcos Perestrello

Our petition, with more than 8,000 signatures, was hand-delivered to the Portuguese Parliament by its vice-president and MP Marcos Perestrello.

This was an opportunity for SOS Quinta dos Ingleses, Alvorada da Floresta and supporters to go to Lisbon and publicly renew their conviction: ‘Save the Quinta! Save Carcavelos! Cascais City Council, if it's concrete, we don't want any more! Alves Ribeiro, the environment comes first!’

We are very grateful for the participation of performance artist Regina Frank, the company of the sculpture Alice, Superlinox, @ritmosderesistência, and the many activists who accompanied us. Thanks also to all the signatories of this petition, which will remain active for anyone who wants to read, re-read, or sign it.

A parliamentary committee will now properly analyse the petition. In 2021, the Assembly of the Republic approved, at the proposal of PAN, a resolution recommending the classification of the Quinta as a Local Protected Area. This recommendation has so far not been accepted by the Cascais municipality.

PAN and BE are currently preparing new parliamentary initiatives intending to rescue Quinta dos Ingleses.

There is still hope!

Fotografias de Mafalda Gomes, 2024-05-15. © Arquivo Fotográfico da Assembleia da República

© Sofia Duarte


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