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‘Journey into the past of Quinta dos Ingleses’

We live in an age of instantaneity, artificial intelligence's unknowns, and endless information flows. But do we know where to go if we don't know our past?

On May 9th, on the ‘Journey into the past of Quinta dos Ingleses’ walk, we mainly wanted to hear what senior citizens thought. We took a more leisurely walk, looking back at memories of Carcavelos well beyond 1950, the beach and the Quinta, and what they think and would like for the future of this area, the coastline and even climate issues and nature in Portugal.

It was a privilege to listen to the almost centenarian Fernando Catarino, a biologist and former director of the Lisbon Botanical Garden, and Carcavelians who were born here, grew up, or have lived here for many years.

Save the Quinta, save the planet! There's still time! Join us on 15 May at 11 a.m. to deliver the petition to the Portuguese Parliament!


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