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We celebrated World Tree Day with a united hug for Quinta dos Ingleses

On 23 March we hugged the trees on the estate. A heartfelt, united, joyful gathering with music. It was a tribute to all the trees that every day, in this Quinta in Carcavelos, give us the benefits of shade, oxygen, carbon dioxide capture and the marvellous biodiversity of this planted seaside lung!

Thanks to the facilitators, Igor Libânio, Omm Flow and Pedro and the Wolf.


We know that the work to fence off Quinta dos Ingleses will continue, so that very soon the people of Carcavelos will have no access to the Quinta's woodland, where the council is authorising the destruction of a large part of the green, in order to preserve only 8 of the 35 hectares of forested area.

SOS Quinta dos Ingleses is ready to take all measures to stop this ecocide, such as an injunction and an appeal to the European authorities.


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