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Carcavelos dawns with sculpture by artist @Superlinox for the defence of Quinta dos Ingleses

December 8, Carcavelos dawned with a sculpture by the artist @Superlinox, at one of the town's entry points: next to Carcavelos station and facing Quinta dos Ingleses.

Facing the green lung that gives us oxygen, it asks us about the future and what will happen to people if the Quinta disappears.

Entitled "ALICE, 2023"

(from the "Disposable Heroes" series)

Spray paint on various materials

161 x 44 x 40 cm

As the author says, "This Alice doesn't come from Wonderland".

"This Alice comes from the future - a future where our planet has died of disease. Her great adventure is to make us see that the disease that is destroying the world is us.

There is no White Rabbit for us to follow because he is dead - we killed him. Maybe we can find the burrow again if we believe in it again.

If we're killing each other on a habitable planet, imagine what awaits us the day the planet collapses.

A tree needs decades to grow, but it's cut down in seconds. Perhaps we should start embracing them instead of continuing to cut down trees."

As SOS Quinta dos Ingleses sees it, art and nature come together masterfully in this work to ask us what we want: for Quinta dos Ingleses, for Portugal and for the world. Superlinox's art is the expression of our concerns and our warnings.

Dressed in summer clothes and with a mask covering her face, she reminds us of the concerns of the climate emergency. Her gaze is directed towards the forest of Quinta dos Ingleses, with the sea in the background. Who can help her?

What future is in store for the last lung of the coastline between Lisbon and Cascais, right in front of Carcavelos beach? Will the controversial mega-development by Alves Ribeiro really go ahead? Or could a much-desired urban park finally be born there and thus protect this sensitive ecological zone, essential in an area that has experienced high urban and population growth?

It's as if your gaze is searching the horizon for answers.


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