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French newspaper "Le Monde" publishes an article on the cause of Quinta dos Ingleses

The cause of Quinta dos Ingleses has gained international prominence with an article in the French newspaper "Le Monde", which reports on Quinta dos Ingleses and the demonstration on the 7th.

In this article on the 11th April, "Le Monde" looks at what is at stake and what brought thousands of people out onto the streets, not neglecting the values that are on the table when it comes to the current size of the green area compared to what the project proposes. The article echoes concerns about the historical values that should be preserved and not destroyed and ignored, as well as the impact that the mega-construction will have on the beach and on the sand in particular, leading to a sharp reduction in it.

It's not just the majority of Portuguese who are concerned about the destruction of green areas, which belong to generations: there is a genuine generalised environmental concern, and people want to be aware of the attacks being committed in their time, understanding who is protesting and why perhaps because they want to leave a legacy rich in biodiversity for the future population, which is of little concern to Cascais' current decision-makers.

*Due to legal constraints, we cannot transcribe this article, so it should be read in "Le Monde" online.


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