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Dream Quinta dos Ingleses
Participate in an interactive experience to preserve the green area of Quinta dos Ingleses, where over 1,500 people have already taken part in realising this dream.
If you care about:
  • Conserving the region's last historical woodland and its biodiversity

  • Keeping the quality of life of Carcavelos

  • Preserving the local environment for future generations

  • Protecting the region's most visited beach

  • Maintaining the quality of the world-famous surf 

  • Improving the existing natural area and help combat climate change


Then this cause is also yours!​

We are a non-partisan civic movement (turned association on June 24 2021) that defends the preservation of the green area of Quinta dos Ingleses. We seek to open a dialogue between all responsible entities (Cascais City Council, Government and landowners Alves Ribeiro Construções and St. Julian's Association) to find a better solution for the last seaside urban woods of Linha do Estoril, which could become a semi-naturalized urban park with a museum/interpretive centre and sustainable infrastructures.

What's planned for Quinta dos Ingleses?
850 apartment blocks ranging from 7 to 9 stories
3 hotels and commercial areas
Destruction of 52 ha of green area

The PPERUCS implies the construction of 850 apartments in 7 to 9 stories high buildings, 3 hotels and commercial areas which will reduce the 540.000m2 green area to a strip with less than 100.000m2, of which about 20.0002 are in the other side of the road and 80.0002 include the stream bed and leisure and sports equipment such as playgrounds, walks and parking. In reality, the green area will be reduced to a mere small garden surrounded by a wall of tall buildings the size of 12 Praças do Comercio of Lisbon.


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"Everyone has the right to a humane, healthy and ecologically balanced living environment and the duty to defend it."

Article 66th (Environment and Quality of Live) of the Portuguese Constitution

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