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3 years of Associação SOS Quinta dos Ingleses!

On 24 June 2024, it was three years since the SOS Quinta dos Ingleses civic movement became an environmental association and is now on its way to becoming an ONGA (Non-Governmental Environmental Organisation).

Over the years, we have seen the number of supporters of Quinta dos Inglese's increase, which leaves us with a full heart and a sense of fulfillment with each passing day.

The 10 or so volunteers who came together to set up the association are now 40, contributing in various areas.

The number of members has risen from the original 92 to 420!

On Facebook, the almost 3,000 followers have become more than 6,700, and 4,438 have been added on Instagram.

The hundreds of demonstrators on 5 June 2021 exceeded a thousand on 7 April 2024.

The public petition submitted to the Portuguese Parliament in 2021 gathered 8,155 signatures; a new petition launched last August already has 9,400 signatories, on its way to 10,000.

Finally, we can add 3 legal actions (Hilton land, land in front of Bairro da Torre, and Quinta dos Ingleses) and 1 injunction.

These are big numbers, but even bigger is the number of trees, plants, and animals for which we've joined forces because we increasingly believe that together, we're going to save Quinta dos Ingleses.

Thank you for joining us!


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