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Stop Greenwashing: an action for the environment in Cascais followed by a film screening

Another manifestation of displeasure at the environmental "abusiveness" carried out by the current municipal executive took place at Baía de Cascais. The action "GREENWASHING"*, conceived by activists Eduarda Costa Ferraz and Ana Cristina Marques, with the aim of unmasking the image sold by the municipality, was illustrated by the projection of a video about the destruction, in recent years, of 162 hectares of green areas in Cascais.

Later, the film "CASCAIS - History of Destruction in 2½ Mandates" was screened.

"10 years of corrupt urban planning and negligent environmental policies have left the Municipality of Cascais reeling - in what can only be described as a State of Emergency. For this film, 11 Cascais-based apolitical NGO’s come together to tell their story and share objective and undeniable evidence that, strangely, virtually no local or national press seems interested in reporting."


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