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Study visit to Carcavelos Sul with Fernando Catarino

There's nothing like learning more about what we stand for. That's what we did on 30 June on a study visit to Carcavelos Sul, guided by biologist and botanist Fernando Catarino. It was an opportunity to learn more about the plants (and trees, too!) of Quinta dos Ingleses and the surrounding area.

The Quinta is fenced off, so we observed it from the walkway and in the grove of Quinta de São Gonçalo (originally part of Quinta dos Ingleses).

This visit favored direct observation, using touch and sight above all to assess the growth of a tree and the soil quality and to see how its porosity is important for absorbing rainwater, for example. How do plants cycle within a space to sustain habitat, and how do differentiated ecosystems interconnect within a larger one? A guided tour with Prof Catarino's unique knowledge of the world of plants in his very expressive and tactile style.

We thank Prof Catarino for his willingness to share and the seventy participants for their enthusiasm and support for the cause of rescuing Quinta dos Ingleses.


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