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Volunteers of SOSQI get involved in the "Missão Paredão"

Now that the sun is summoning us to the seaside, some of our volunteers have got involved in "Missão Paredão"!

Wearing SOS Quinta dos Ingleses t-shirts and caps, these "missionaries" are committed to strengthening our association at a decisive moment in the long struggle for Quinta dos Ingleses. If you see them on the beach promenade at weekends and on public holidays, go and join them and, if you can, contribute to the success of this mission:

. Raise members for SOS Quinta dos Ingleses, because the more people we represent, the harder it will be for the powers that be (political and economic) to ignore this cause.

. Raising funds to publicise the cause and defend it in the courts.

. Informing people that the fight continues and that it's not too late to stop a decade-old property project.

. Remember that, in the climate change scenario in which we live, in a territory like Cascais, which is already so built up, replacing these 50 hectares of green with concrete is ecocide.

. To show that we support an alternative project for Quinta dos Ingleses: the development of a naturalised urban park, like Porto's City Park.

Come and join us, we're cherishing hope.


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